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The CV Indie Film Awards Origins


The CV Indie Film Awards was founded in 2017 by Indie filmmaker Gina Carey, CEO of Gina Carey Films (Family Film Movie Production Company since 2015) and Gico Music (Indie Record Company since 1996).


​About The CV Indie Film Awards


The CV Indie Film Awards is an awards show that gives the Oscar Award style recognition to the Independent Film Community. CVIFA strictly focuses on recognizing and rewarding true Independent films with limited budgets (low & Mico budget films only). We recognize talented actors, actress, cinematographers, screenwriters, producers, directors and a multitude of films from multiple genres. The CVIFA is fully aware of the challenges that are set before Indie filmmakers with micro budgets, therefore, our focus is mainly on the effort that has been put forth into making the film and the overall story. In summary, Independent filmmaker with micro mini budget you will find the CV Indie Film Awards beneficial and inspiring. Winners are determined by a combination of popular and industry professional.



If you would like to be considered for a CV Indie Film Award, please submit your film through Film Freeway beginning November 1st-  March 1st yearly.


For Coachella Valley students only:  films submitted from Jr. High School - College , submission fees are waved. Email ginacareyfilms@gmail.com for submission inquiries. Must send proof from school.

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